Golf Benchmark

The source of golf industry knowledge


Golf Benchmark

The source of industry knowledge

What is the Golf Benchmark?

The Golf Benchmark is a set of our market intelligence studies, designed to collect and share comparable golf industry benchmarks about golf course operation, golf and real estate development, golf tourism, the economic impact of golf and other golf-business related topics.

Our primary objective with this research initiative is to provide industry stakeholders with interesting, useful and enlightening golf market analysis, in order to support their business decisions, whether they are golf course owners, operators, real estate developers, golf bodies, suppliers to the golf industry, financial institutions, professional media representatives or others having an interest in the business of golf.

Although the main focus of our research activity has been Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) regions, we aim to introduce new, primarily emerging regions each year beyond the borders of EMEA – those that have been remarkably lacking market information despite their expanding golf market. As such, we have published regional reports on India, China, Japan, South America and the Caribbean.

All of our reports are accessible and downloadable in PDF format free of charge, upon a short registration. (After the registration, you’ll be logged in automatically unless you are using a different computer than which you have registered on.)

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