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  • Date: 11/24/2015

KPMG on Golf Tourism Growth Trends

Over the past few decades, the success of golf tourism has risen appreciably. Many golf tour operators around the world are tailoring their offers to the specific needs of golfers. Whether as a primary motivation for a holiday or simply as a secondary activity, golf attracts millions of holidaymakers worldwide.

KPMG on Golf Tourism Growth Trends

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The business of golf tourism is not only a revenue generator for golf facilities themselves through spending on green fees, golf equipment and cart rental, but also for a wide variety of travel, leisure and hospitality services, such as hotels, restaurants, retailers, car rental and airlines.

This year, KPMG’s Golf Advisory Practice undertook a survey of golf tour operators to find out about recent golf tourism trends around the world. The 2015 survey data was collected from nearly 50 golf tour operators and mainly reflects the situation in 2014. 

Read the full report to find out more.


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